Los Angeles, CA – Pedestrian Loses Life in Hit-and-Run on W 106th St

Los Angeles, CA - Pedestrian Loses Life in Hit-and-Run on W 106th St

Los Angeles, CA (April 16, 2024) – A pedestrian collision reported in South Los Angeles claimed one person’s life. The accident took place at around 9:40 p.m. on April 15.

Official reports indicate that a vehicle was traveling in the area of West 106th Street and South Vermont Avenue during the evening hours. For unknown reasons, the vehicle struck a pedestrian and fled the scene. The pedestrian was severely injured in the crash. Despite medical efforts, the victim was pronounced deceased from their injuries. At this time, the incident is being investigated.

We offer our sympathies to the family of the victim killed in this crash.

Fatal Pedestrian Accidents in California

Los Angeles, CA - Pedestrian Loses Life in Hit-and-Run on W 106th StEvery year, countless individuals across the United States suffer injuries in automobile accidents. In California alone, these incidents result in the tragic loss of thousands of lives and leave tens of thousands more grappling with injuries. Regrettably, these accidents often inflict severe harm on those involved.

Many car accidents are a result of drivers exhibiting recklessness and negligence. Common contributing factors to these collisions include:

  • Inexperienced motorists: Lack of experience can result in poor judgment and improper handling of road situations, increasing the likelihood of accidents.
  • Mechanical malfunctions: Issues with a vehicle’s brakes, tires, or other components can unexpectedly fail, causing the driver to lose control and crash.
  • Distracted driving: Taking your attention from the road, such as texting or adjusting the radio, reduces reaction time and increases the risk of accidents.
  • Excessive speeding: Driving a vehicle too fast on the roadway reduces the driver’s ability to react to hazards and increases the severity of collisions.

Regrettably, there are many individuals involved in accidents who end up passing away due to their injuries. If you have lost a loved one due to a fatal collision, your family may have legal recourse. It is crucial to seek representation from a Los Angeles wrongful death lawyer immediately. Your attorney can gather evidence on your behalf and construct a robust case to ensure your family receives justice.

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