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People who get hit by cars are unlikely to walk away unscathed, and in situations like these, assistance from a Torrance, CA pedestrian accident lawyer is strongly advised. Incidents like these can have life-altering impacts to the victims involved, all because a driver wasn’t paying enough attention or was reckless. Pedestrians may have severe injury that leaves them with long-term impacts to their health and mental wellbeing. Being hit by a car as a pedestrian can be a traumatizing experience in itself, so it isn’t uncommon for victims to require both physical treatment and mental support. If you or someone you cherish was hit as a pedestrian by a careless driver, we urge you to speak with a member of our team at the Law Offices of Edward Y. Lee right away. 

Pedestrian Accident Factors

As a pedestrian, you have to use certain precautions to keep yourself safe, such as only crossing in a designated crossing walks and staying alert to the presence of vehicles. It’s unfortunate that you cannot rely on car drivers to drive in a safe manner, so pedestrians have to be extra vigilant. Some causes of pedestrian accidents can include unmarked crosswalks, left turns, distracted driving, dark clothing, weather conditions, multi-lane roads, poor visibility, and driver recklessness. When a driver makes a left turn, they have to cross opposing lanes of traffic. If they do not do this wisely, they may hit a pedestrian because they are too focused on other cars. Weather conditions such as fog, sleet, heavy rain, or icy roads can decrease visibility and cause hydroplaning. Many pedestrian accidents are the cause of driver’s not being safe. Generally, drivers have to yield to pedestrians regardless of where they are crossing. Pedestrians get hit most often in urban areas, on college campuses, in dark areas, and on an open road. Most pedestrians are going to sustain a serious degree of bodily harm and mental anguish from the accident. Some pedestrians may never recover from their injuries and may require life-long support. When meeting with a Torrance pedestrian accident lawyer, please bring evidence for the accident, copies of your medical documentation, and the driver’s information. The more we have to examine, the more thoroughly we can help you during the consultation. 

Restitution For Your Injuries

Our team can imagine what you are going through at this moment. But know that we are here to help. A Torrance pedestrian accident lawyer has seen the way that victims suffer because drivers were being careless. Too many drivers aren’t paying enough attention to the presence of pedestrians. We hope that if you need legal guidance during this difficult time, that you rely on us to get you through. We can be relentless in our pursuit of fair restitution. So if you are considering which law firm to consult with about your situation, let your search stop here at the Law Offices of Edward Y. Lee. Let us work for you. We are prepared to get started without delay.

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