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When a car accident happens unexpectedly, it’s time to consult with a Los Angeles, CA Spanish car accident attorney. Car accidents do so much more damage than just inconveniencing your day. Car crashes can cause physical injury, mental anguish, and financial hardship. Not only did your day not go as planned, but you may now have to deal with injury, money problems, and worries about your ability to support yourself during this difficult time. The team at the Law Offices of Edward Y. Lee knows what you are going through, and is prepared to offer legal advice and protection. Do not hesitate to get the support you need in the aftermath of a serious car accident. 

Emphasis On Car Accident Evidence

When you report the accident to your car insurance company, they will want evidence. Useful proof can be photographs of the scene and your injuries, the other driver’s information and insurance company, witness statements from those who saw the crash happen, and medical documents that describe your injuries. A Los Angeles Spanish car accident attorney can perform an investigation of their own into the accident if more evidence needs to be uncovered. Because evidence is often emphasized and a focus when concluding fault, it will be important that you have sufficient proof that supports your side of the story. 

Examples Of Witness Statements 

Witnesses can be people who were in the vehicle with you, bystanders on the street, shop workers who saw the aftermath from the storefront window, and anyone else who was nearby and could explain what happened. Witness statements are useful because they support your claims about the accident. Passengers in your vehicle can be used as witnesses, but the more unbiased they are the stronger their statement can be. You don’t have to worry about getting statements from witnesses while at the scene, as your attorney can reach out to them at a later time and ensure what they say will support your case. If you do not have any witnesses, then it will be your word against the other driver’s. Ultimately, your legal team can help you with gathering evidence and gathering witness statements to benefit your case. 

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If you need assistance after a car accident, we are here to offer legal protection. Too many people get offered low settlements from insurance companies when their case should have been worth more. We have seen how innocent people become victims and then are left to suffer physically and financially. You can rely on our team at the Law Offices of Edward Y. Lee to advocate for you and watch out for your best interests. Having the presence of a Los Angeles Spanish car accident attorney can help maximize your monetary award and make sure the offending driver is held liable for what they caused. We hope that if you are going through a difficult time after a serious car accident, that you contact our team today for guidance.

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