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A Torrance, CA bicycle accident lawyer knows there are numerous benefits to riding a bicycle. It can be a great way to get from one place to another, is a healthy physical outlet, and reduces impact to the environment. Some people use a bike to save on gas, keep a healthy weight, and make the most of warm days by getting out in the sunshine. However, there are risks to traveling by bicycle as well. The most common culprit of injury or death to bicyclists is from car drivers. Many drivers are in a rush, not watching out for bicyclists, are distracted, or knowingly driving recklessly without consideration for how their behavior can affect the safety of those around them. If you were recently struck by a car driver while riding a bike, we urge you to contact our team at the Law Offices of Edward Y. Lee for a consultation. We can help you get the compensation you need at this difficult time. 

Injured Bicycle Accident Victims

Bicyclists quickly become victims if they are hit by a car driver who was being careless. The injuries sustained can be severe and painful. Bicyclists have a right to utilize their bike lane or share the road with cars when situations allow. Unfortunately, car drivers are often frustrated by the presence of bicyclists and may  not act with diligence and care. This doesn’t mean that drivers may intentionally strike a bicyclist, but if there was more respect for those on bikes to begin with, then maybe there would be less incidents like these. Bike accident victims can suffer from various injuries, such as head injuries, traumatic brain injuries, bodily trauma, facial injuries, back and neck injuries, road rash, and in some cases fatality. When someone gets hurt in this kind of crash, it is important to have a Torrance bicycle accident lawyer investigate further. Depending on the accident how you were affected, there may be damages you are entitled to receive. 

Compensation And Damages

Since bicycle accident injuries often necessitate rehabilitation and extensive treatment, it is imperative that victims understand what their options are in receiving compensation. Examples of damages you could be owed payment for include medical care costs, loss of wages, punitive damages, loss of earning capacity, property repair or replacement, and more. Our team at the Law Offices of Edward Y. Lee understands that this time may be confusing, and you may be going through a great deal of pain and stress. That is why we are here, to offer support and handle the legal aspect so you can prioritize yourself. A Torrance bicycle accident lawyer can begin by learning more about the accident, and then let you know what types of damages you could be eligible for. You can trust that you are in good hands with our team. We put your wellbeing first and are not afraid to pursue action against the responsible driver or other parties. Please reach out today for a consultation.

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