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When a car accident results in personal injury and financial loss, it’s time to speak with a Torrance, CA Filipino car accident attorney about your case. There are so many drivers out there that aren’t considering the safety of others. Drivers can be found speeding, running red lights, tailgating, taking corners too quickly, and all kinds of other dangerous behaviors. If you were hurt in a car accident from another driver, now is the time to speak with the Law Offices of Edward Y. Lee. Our team has handled numerous car accident cases before and knows what it takes to get fair compensation for those wrongfully injured. If you need assistance, we are ready to hear from you. 

Getting Medical Attention

After being in a personal injury accident, like a car crash, you must get medical attention promptly. You may have sustained severe injury and were rushed to the hospital, or didn’t have any observable injuries aside from minor aches and pains. But what is important to remember is that sometimes symptoms do not arise until the next day or weeks after the initial incident. By having a doctor examine you, it not only ensures your health is okay but starts a paper trail for injuries so you are eligible for compensation. Your case is stronger if you went to see the doctor shortly after the accident. If you have questions about pursuing compensation for your medical bills from the at fault driver, contact a Torrance Filipino car accident attorney today.

Speaking With Witnesses

If there was anyone who saw the accident happen, let your legal team know. These people can help support your claims and the other driver being responsible. Your attorney can speak with witnesses in the days after the accident, so you don’t have to worry about getting a statement at the scene. Your legal team will want to make sure that these witnesses will in fact help your case and not hinder your chances at compensation. Your attorney can assess whether a witness is credible and beneficial to your case. Witnesses can be anyone who saw the moments before, during, or after impact. Examples of witnesses can be passengers who were in your vehicle, bystanders who rushed over to help, pedestrians on the street, or those who saw the severity of your injuries.

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We know that car accidents can be traumatizing experiences that leave people in serious injury and financial hardship. We can fight relentlessly for those wrongfully injured in accidents that reckless people have caused. During the consultation, have as much evidence related to the accident as you can. Your attorney can investigate further if needed. Please reach out to the Law Offices of Edward Y. Lee for guidance as soon as you can. You deserve compensation for how the other driver made you suffer. Don’t hesitate to speak with a committed member of our legal team right away. A Torrance Filipino car accident attorney is here to come to your side.

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