Los Angeles, CA – Pedestrian Hurt in Crash on Union Pacific Ave

Los Angeles, CA – Pedestrian Hurt in Crash on Union Pacific Ave

Los Angeles, CA (March 8, 2024) – On March 7, a pedestrian accident was reported on the east side of Los Angeles that ended in injuries. The incident prompted the response of the Los Angeles County fire Department, Los Angeles Police Department, and emergency medical services.

According to official reports, a pedestrian was struck by a vehicle on Union Pacific Avenue near Goodrich Boulevard. Authorities responded to the scene and immediately shut down the road. Paramedics tended to the injured pedestrian. Police and firefighters remained at the scene extensively while investigating. These investigations are currently ongoing.

Our thoughts go out to the injured victim at this time.

Pedestrian Accidents in California

Los Angeles, CA – Pedestrian Hurt in Crash on Union Pacific AveAnnually, tens of thousands of individuals suffer injuries or lose their lives in traffic accidents in California. Even seemingly minor collisions with slow speeds can lead to severe injuries for the victims. Common injuries resulting from pedestrian accidents include:

  • Sternum & Chest Injuries: Trauma to the sternum and chest area, potentially resulting in fractures, contusions, or damage to internal organs, often caused by the impact of a crash.
  • Internal bleeding: Occurs when blood vessels inside the body are damaged, leading to bleeding that may not be immediately visible, requiring immediate medical attention due to the potential for serious complications.
  • Broken bone(s): Fractures or breaks in the skeletal structure, commonly limbs, ribs, or facial bones, resulting from the forceful impact during a pedestrian collision.
  • Amputation: The loss of a body part, often limbs, due to severe injury sustained during a pedestrian crash, requiring immediate medical intervention and long-term rehabilitation.

Following a motor vehicle collision, injured pedestrians may not immediately feel the extent of their injuries. However, it is imperative for those involved in accidents to seek medical assistance immediately to assess the true scope of injuries.

Furthermore, contacting a pedestrian accident attorney in Los Angeles without delay is essential. Legal avenues may be available to aid in moving forward after such incidents. If you have experienced a car crash, act quickly to secure medical attention and explore potential legal options by consulting with an experienced personal injury attorney. Your attorney will be able to help you get the money that you need to cover your medical expenses, lost earning capacity, and a variety of other damages that you face during this difficult time.

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