Los Angeles, CA – Hit-&-Run Crash on E 60th St Injures Pedestrian

Los Angeles, CA - Hit-&-Run Crash on E 60th St Injures Pedestrian

Los Angeles, CA (April 26, 2024) – A pedestrian was transported to an area hospital with injuries following a crash that took place in Southeast Los Angeles. The incident occurred at around 12:20 a.m. on April 26.

According to reports provided by local news sources, a pedestrian was struck by a vehicle in the area of East 60th Street and South Central Avenue. The involved vehicles fled the scene without stopping. The pedestrian was injured in the crash. Emergency medical services responded to the scene to care for the injured victim. The pedestrian was transported to a hospital in the area for further care. At this time, the incident is under investigation. We hope the injured pedestrian is able to recover quickly.

Our thoughts are with them at this time.

Pedestrian Accidents in California

Los Angeles, CA - Hit-&-Run Crash on E 60th St Injures PedestrianNavigating the aftermath of a motor vehicle accident can be overwhelming. Each month, thousands in our state find themselves dealing with injuries from roadway collisions that disrupt their lives and necessitate comprehensive medical treatment. Among the common injuries sustained in these incidents are:

  • Amputations: Tragic circumstances like being pinned against an object or severe trauma can lead to the loss of a limb, either immediately during the crash or as a surgical necessity afterward.
  • Crush Injuries: Pedestrians can become trapped between or under vehicles during accidents, causing crush injuries that may lead to internal damage, broken bones, and sometimes complications that result in long-term disability.
  • Nerve Damage: Sharp blows or cuts during an accident can sever or damage nerves, leading to loss of sensation, movement, or chronic pain in the affected area.
  • Psychological Trauma: Beyond physical injuries, the emotional impact of an accident can manifest as anxiety, depression, or PTSD, significantly affecting a victim’s quality of life.

In the wake of such life-altering injuries, it’s critical to prioritize your well-being and seek prompt legal advice. Our Los Angeles pedestrian accident lawyers are committed to championing your cause, aiming to secure just compensation and accountability from those at fault. We urge you not to delay in seeking the support and guidance you need during this challenging period. Our dedicated team will tirelessly pursue justice on your behalf, allowing you to concentrate on your recovery.

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