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Pursuing Justice After A Rideshare Accident

If you or a loved one has been injured as the passenger in a rideshare vehicle such as an Uber or Lyft, our Gardena, CA rideshare accident lawyer can help you pursue justice and financial compensation. As rideshares become more popular, the number of accidents involving rideshare drivers increase. Rideshare accidents are subject to certain laws, policies, and procedures that differentiate them from regular car accidents. 

Our rideshare accident lawyer has crucial knowledge of the laws governing rideshare services in California and can help you navigate the legal system after your accident. To discuss your case with our team, contact the Law Offices of Edward Y. Lee to schedule a consultation today.

Understanding Rideshare Accidents

Rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft have vast financial and legal resources at their disposal, and they will likely fight hard to undermine any claims made against them during an accident. Rideshare companies classify their drivers as independent contractors, meaning that they will not take responsibility for the negligence or fault of their drivers in an accident. However, if the rideshare company’s negligence was a contributing factor in the accident, they may be found liable. In this case, Uber and Lyft both have insurance policies worth up to $1 million that apply when an accident occurs involving an on-shift driver transporting a passenger.

Rideshare accidents can be complicated by many additional factors. Since they often involve multiple parties and thus involve multiple injured passengers, rideshare accidents often constitute dealing with multiple insurance policies. Liability disputes are also common as multiple people involved attempt to place the blame on different parties. Having a thorough understanding of the laws surrounding rideshare accidents is paramount to winning your case and receiving compensation that you deserve. Our Gardena rideshare accident lawyer is experienced in navigating the nuances of rideshare accidents and multiple-party accidents.

Compensation For Rideshare Accidents

Compensation awarded in rideshare accidents will vary on a case to case basis based on the details of the accident and injuries involved. After consulting with you, our Gardena rideshare accident lawyer will help you determine the maximum amount of compensation that you deserve and aggressively pursue this amount through the claims process or a lawsuit. Typically, compensation in rideshare accidents covers costs such as medical bills, rehabilitation and therapy, property damage, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Other losses you have suffered as a result of your accident may also be recovered.

The Importance Of Experienced Representation

In a case as complicated as a rideshare accident, having a lawyer with knowledge of rideshare accident law and experience dealing with rideshare accident cases is crucial. Beyond our knowledge and experience, we also strive to serve our clients with the care, compassion, and dedication that they deserve. We know how traumatic an accident can be, and we will do everything in our power to win crucial financial compensation to make your recovery process easier. Do not hesitate to reach out to our rideshare accident lawyer today. Contact the Law Offices of Edward Y. Lee to schedule a consultation and take a crucial step on your path to a better future after a rideshare accident.

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